Additional Tryout Tips and Information

Hi potential Laker Dance Team members!

We have received many questions about technical skill requirements for the upcoming audition . . . here are the skills we will likely ask dancers to demonstrate:

  • leaps – right, left, center, tilt jumps, switch  leaps, turning centers, attitude leap,  toe touch
  •  turns – right and left double pirouettes, right triple pirouette, turns in second (fouette turns)
  • dancers will be asked to showcase individual strengths by demonstrating other skills such as other leaps (c-jumps, layouts, firebird leaps) extensions, leg holds, stalls, aerials or other gymnastic tricks. *You do not need to execute all of these skills perfectly.  You will be asked to pick one that you believe best demonstrates your skill to show to the judges

If you are unable to attend tryouts and would like to send in a video audition, please be sure to include the above skills in your tape as well as all the required forms and your $25 audition fee.  Multiple girls have been selected for the team from video auditions in the past, however it is still strongly recommended that arrangements be made so that dancers can be present on both days.

Other Info/Tips:

  • Remember to wear form fitting clothes for practice on Saturday, and form fitting black pants and a white top for auditions on Sunday.
  • It is recommended that hair be pulled back
  • Bring snacks, money for lunch on Saturday, and water
  • Have fun and smile!! :)

Don’t hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected] with any further questions!

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